Unlike other magazines, each issue of Assent magazine will be on-sale continuously.

Adverts will not have an expiry date so for a one off fee your product or service will be advertised indefinitely.

We have an offer running at the moment so every full page ad in ‘the BIG lingerie issue’ will cost £100 or 150 US dollars or 120 Euros.

specification …

We are only taking full page advertisements and will require a single page, rgb, font embedded PDF file of the advert with dimensions 1024×768 pixels, portrait or landscape.

These are the minimum dimensions and the PDF can be larger but should remain in the same aspect ratio.

Links within the pdf should remain valid but this cannot be guaranteed.

Try to avoid date related offers or features as each issue of the magazine will be on sale continuously and is not attached to any specific time period.

ad design service ? …

If you require an artwork design service please contact Richard at uppercase design.

what next ? …

If you wish to advertise then please send a message via our Contacts page with your contact details and a sales representative will contact you.