We are currently taking submissions from photographers, models, mua’s, photoshop retouchers, digital artists etc for ‘the BIG lingerie issue’.

who should submit ? …

We would like to receive submissions from both amateurs and professionals.
The images can either be new or existing un-published material you may have.
We are producing a professional high quality and polished publication so the images should be to a professional standard.

what should I submit ? …

In this issue we are running a large lingerie shoot feature ( as big as we can get it ) and if you wish to appear in this feature then please make sure your shots are of lingerie.

We are not just looking for lingerie images. We are also looking for swimwear, nightwear and high-fashion too.

Everyone who participates in Assent Magazine via submissions will have the opportunity to fill out an online profile page that will appear in the magazine whenever the persons credit is clicked. This profile can contain bio information and also links to any external web sites they wish.

what is the deadline ?…

The deadline for ‘the BIG lingerie issue’ is 15th February 2012.

rules …

If you are planning on submitting images please observe the following rules.

  • All models should be over 18 and proof of age will be required.
  • We cannot accept nudity. Images can be sexy but not dirty.
  • You must be the copyright holder for the images.
  • Please include a team list, including email addresses, so we can credit and contact the members of the team so they can create a profile page if they wish.

how to submit my images ? …

Sign up to the members area.

Then go to the Downloads page and download the Assent Upload application.

Run the Assent Upload application and use the same username and password used when signing up.

Drop your images onto the Assent Upload application and click the upload button.

image specifications ? …

Images should be RGB JPEGs.

The iPad’s screen resolution is 1024 x 768 pixels, so if you are cropping your images then crop them to that aspect ration, otherwise your images may have black edges when displayed in the magazine.

We are still experimenting with image sizes to understand the best resolution, in the meantime we would suggest that 2048 x 1536 pixels would be a good minimum size for the images. If you want to upload full resolution image files we will downsize them for you when we have finalised the optimum resolution.

I have a question ? …

If you have any questions, problems with uploading images or any other enquiries please send a message to Assent magazine using the Contact page